Yes. For many years I have been hearing about how you want to remove as much information about yourself on the internet as possible but I’m here to do quite the opposite. I am currently a female Civil Engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona and I want to blog the rest of my experiences in the college of engineering on this website. I want to enhance my technical presence on the net with my stories and experiences correlating with my so far 3 years in the engineering program.

I’m starting this blog because it is a topic for a presentation in my Engineering Technical Communication class. We present and learn how to be great engineering writers and engineers in general. As all engineers know, or don’t, we’re lazy. So we pretty much learn how to shorten things to the smallest amount of words as possible. So driving home your point in 3 words gets you an A.

Get ready because on this site I will freely talk about my trials and tribulations of being a female in a male dominated field and what life in a very demanding engineering program is like. It’s not just about making it through the program but the experiences along the way. Labs. Long study hours. Knowing Dominoes Pizza’s number by heart, and having them know where building 17 room 2670 is by heart. Budget cuts and 30 people trying to add into a 20 person class. Engineering week. Coming to class with all the cool new technical gizmos. All these things and more make up my time here at CPP. Hang on tight…So far this has been a wild ride for me and it’s just going to get better.