Or pretty much any holiday for that matter! When most of my friends will be seeing their families and drinking lots of beers I will go visit my grandparents then spend a good 8-10 hours doing homework! HA! Engineering students rarely celebrate holidays. I have gone to school the day after Thanksgiving at midnight for fun to see who was there, AND SOMEONE WAS THERE!! Just doing homework in a classroom all alone. This puts a close to “why engineers are odd” jokes.

Most holidays of the year are all in the middle of a quarter. In the middle of a quarter constitutes that we have class and most likely a hefty load of units and a matching amount of homework. So while my friends are hitting the beach for Memorial weekend I’ll be at home doing fluid mechanics problems and going criminally insane. So most holidays for engineers are engineering holidays, we just find the same use for them, homework. The only celebrated holiday I’ve found that engineering students celebrate is engineering week. This is where the students compete in odd, random events to fight for the golden calculator. Trust me, it’s a sight to see!

Engineering Tricycle Race During Engineers Week and CPP

On a side note I hope everyone has a blessed mother’s day and I will enjoy visiting my grandparents and then driving my self crazy with copious amounts of homework afterwards. Ciao!