My 2010 summer vacation preview:

As inferred from above I registered for what almost every engineers does, SUMMER SCHOOL! dun dun dunnnn! So long story short I registered but the Cal State system will only let me register for 13 units during registration! Now on a typical engineering flowchart at Cal Poly Pomona civil engineers are required to take 18 units a quarter to graduate in 4 years, ha! As I can do math, hopefully since I passed 5 calculus classes, if I need to be taking 18 units and I can only register for 13 I have a huge problem on my hands. I do not want to be stuck trying to take hydrology, water supply, water treatment, structures testing lab and a tech elective all in the same quarter because I can’t take enough classes right now! Engineering suicide! Shown below is my flow chart of classes to get my so coveted civil engineering degree just to give you a glimpse of what my life is like (click for full view). Not to mention working or internships and life on top of school.

Well I have a Fluids midterm Wednesday that I need to keep studying for! Keepin it real.