Today I gave my presentation in my Technical Communications class and found out that when I get excited about my speech I have a rising terminal. A rising terminal is when a sentence starts out in a softer tone then ends up more intense. Most like a radio or ballgame announcer, and during my speech “Let’s Get Readyyyy to Rumbleeee” did not start to play when I was through talking. Something work on.

So after listening to about 60 speeches today, and building gripes, I have comprised a short and concise list of what is important to me and hopefully to you about public speaking.

1) Don’t get caught up in the details in a speech. Be direct and to the point. People stop listening if you ramble on forrrrreeeeverrrr (catch the Sandlot reference?)

2)Fake it til you make it. One of the key rules I live by. Most of the time I don’t need to fake confidence but when giving speeches being confident is the #1 key! If you are scared, you probably look scared.

3) Third and final rule. Talk to the audience not at the audience. Address the individuals in the room on a personal level and have them actually learn something instead of feeding them useless higher level junk that you don’t even know yourself. What I hate more than seeing a fellow colleague not knowing what they’re talking about it them PRETENDING they know something about what they’re talking about.

Another day, another class, another speech. Back to the grind. Ciao!