Hi all!

I haven’t written in a while and since my last post I have taken summer school this past summer with 19 units (passed them all!) and started fall quarter of my senior year! Yesterday I took the test that most engineers around the country take and is known as the FE/ EIT Exam. I have to admit that this test was very difficult! If you have not studied or brushed up on material you learned 3 years ago coming into the engineering program, prepare to be rocked. I was able to finish both sections, General in the AM and Civil in the PM, and I feel confident! I can’t wait to get my scores in 15 WEEKS!?!? Yes folks, 15 weeks. You would think a test for engineers would provide some quicker responses since engineers write the scoring programs/ curving procedures?! The GRE comes back in 10 days!

Overall here are some tips for the exam that I wish someone had told me:

Show up early! There was a hugeeee line of cars to get into the Fairplex and a few thousand people there to take the exam. It was a mad house! You have to get there early or they shut the doors and you don’t get to take the test.

Bring a lunch! Also bring it in a clear bag! You wont have time to get food or do anything just enough time to eat something, chat with colleagues comparing performance before you get herded back into the exam room for round two.

Study study STUDY! Do not show up without having looked at your statics and electromagnetism physics in 3 years! You will end up guessing on about 20 questions! Everyone I talked too yesterday said on the last 2 portions of the General-AM portion they guessed on the last two whole sections of electromagnetism and thermodynamics.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Everyone told me you can find everything in the handbook manual and not to worry. Well yes, a lot of things are in that 200 page manual but not always exactly what you need! And a lot of it is written in such a way that you don’t even understand the formula. I got lots of problems asking me to solve for something crazy that I had never heard of ┬áin 5 quarters of calculus and in the manual was a brief description, written probably by lawyers, of what it is. Not how to use it or to solve problems.Review the manual before the test. You can buy it!! DO IT!

Don’t leave early. I don’t understand why people leave this test early? For the general section I didn’t see a single person get up early, because it was hard and long, but in the afternoon section people were leaving early. Either they gave up or really thought they didn’t want to check their work. We’re training to be engineers people! This is a standardized test that probably has 2 good answers and if you solved it the wrong way the answer is probably there. So why wouldn’t someone what to go back and double check?? After all you spent $100 to take the test, wasted a whole Saturday and if you fail you have to wait 6 months to do it all over again!

So overall I had a good experience with the FE Exam and hopefully my tips can help some other engineers out. My dad is an engineer and so is my grandfather, they booth took the FE and passed the first time, let’s hope I can keep the tradition going. I’m going to go study for my 3 midterms this week, Steel Design, Concrete Design and Hydraulics. Over and out. :]